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Grow, without funding with Kate Bendix

Talk Archive: 31st January 2013

Talk Description

How do you set up an online retail business and start trading, for £25? How do you grow it without spending a penny on advertising? How do you spread your retail message far and wide, grow your customer base and end up with a £78K annual turnover in three years? Selling dog treats.

You use all the free tools at your disposal, spend what money you do have, wisely; good web design is probably the most important, and use your new ‘brand’ to make yourself look as big as you can to the browsing customer.

Kate Bendix set up www.myitchydog.co.uk three years ago from a desk, in a crevice, in her house with a £24.99 out of the box website. She’s now based at a permanent desk at Worthing Coworking, has one employee, and has turned the dining room and garden shed over to stock and packing benches.

She has built the business using free social media, email newsletters, blogging and offline media (TV, radio, magazines,) customer engagement, customer surveys and social media ‘champions’.

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