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The Content Cycle with David Somerville Head of Social Media at Fresh Egg

Talk Archive: 24th June 2014

In his talk, David covers the five different stages of the content cycle, which aims to help you plan, implement, measure and improve upon the success of your content marketing strategy. These five stages are:

Discovery – an investigation stage to guide your content strategy and campaigns
Planning and setup – a stage that ensures your content is well thought-out and designed to meet specific objectives
Execution – creating your content and promoting it
Reporting, analysis and insight – measuring what has happened as a result of your content campaigns
Refinement – learning from your reporting and feeding back into planning and setup to help guide future campaigns Continue reading

SEO Your Home Page with David Rosam

Talk Archive: Tuesday 24th September 2013

Talk Description

Is your business website being ignored by Google? Does the idea of ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ baffle you or fill you with dread? Come and get some straightforward help from David Rosam, who’ll teach you enough to get up and running with practical advice on what to do to make the home page of your website interesting to Google and other search engines.

Find out how answer these simple questions and you’ll quickly see better performance on Google:

  • Are you using h1 and h2 header tags correctly?
  • Are you using key phrases in the right place?
  • What should you put in your Title Tag?
  • Are Descriptions important?
  • Do you have enough of the right kind of content?
  • Have you got at least one link from another site to your home page?

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World Domination by Blog with David Rosam

Talk Archive: 25th April 2013

Talk Description

Personal, small business or corporate, blogs are one of the best ways to get your word out on the Internet. But how do they fit with your content marketing? How do you write a great blog? And how do you get the best results on the search engines?

This talk covers the essentials and some great tactics too many sites fail to use.

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Members: David Andrew

David AndrewSince 2005 I have been working as a freelance ‘front-end’ web developer working in eCommerce, brochure ware sites and large scale bespoke web applications.

I can work as an independent producer as well as part of a team using many scripting languages and frameworks that are commonly used in today’s web industry.

XHTML, CSS, JQUERY, AS3, PHP, MYSQL, SEO, Graphical design for web, User experience design, Documentation & wireframing

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