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Why use a framework? with Alick Mighall

Talk Archive: 31st January 2013

Talk Description

Alick Mighall has been working as a digital producer since 1994

He is currently MD of miggle.co.uk, a Brighton based web agency which he founded in 2007, after seven years’ international and board level experience at Yahoo!

Miggle’s success has largely been driven by the fact that it understands web audiences. Everyday, millions of UK Internet users engage with content that has been created by, or sites that have been planned and built by the team.

Alick’s talk looks at why and how miggle.co.uk have made the choices they have around using open source content management systems and frameworks – in particular Drupal.

It’s delivered from a Product Manager’s perspective and should be relevant to anyone who’s thinking of moving away from a proprietary approach to web development.

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