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How to revive a dead blog with Jo Petty

Talk Archive: 22nd July 2014

Talk Description

Visiting a website which has a blog that hasn’t been updated in years not only looks unprofessional, you can easily lose business or reputation because of it. In this talk I’ll give you tips and advice on how to get your blog up and running again. We’ll cover how to create a blog strategy, what kind of things to post about, and most importantly, what to do when you simply don’t have the time to look after your blog any more.
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Help! I need a Marketing Plan! with Sheryl Tipton

Talk Archive: Tuesday 8th July 2014

Talk Description

Crafting a marketing plan for your business can be tricky and without one your business growth could be limited.  Sheryl’s talk at Worthing Digital will focus on how to write a basic Marketing Plan to aid business development, and how to define your target audience so that your marketing is focused and achieves the results that you need, using the resources that you have.
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SMEs: embracing affordable marketing & PR with Rachael Dines

Talk Archive: Tuesday 27th May 2014

About the speaker

Rachael is a freelance marketing consultant with twelve years of marketing experience covering the B2B, B2C and Charity sectors across several different industries. As a PR and marketing professional, she mainly works for SMEs in the UK, but has also had some international clients.  Rachael has trained with the Kellogg Management School in Chicago and holds the Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Diploma and Chartered Marketer status.  She is also an approved advisor on the Government’s Growth Voucher scheme that subsidises strategic business advice.

Talk Description

* Branding basics
* Website-first marketing strategy
* Forgotten internal marketing
* Getting started with PR
* The time vs money vs skills dilemma”




Thanks to Will from Clik-Video for recording the talk, Paul Silver for editing, and Worthing Action for lending us their projector.

Time & Venue

8pm – 10pm on Tuesday 27th May 2014

Worthing Coworking
8 High Street
West Sussex
BN11 1NU

Effective Social Media Use with Stuart Marler

Talk Archive: Tuesday 8th October 2013

Talk Description

Social media – Facebook, Twitter Google+ etc. – has gone from a tool hardly anyone considered using to something every business owner must think about. Stuart Marler from Retriever Web Solutions is joining us to explain how companies should consider using social media for their business.

Stuart will cover the important aspects to keep in mind when using social media, and some of the specialised uses for it that can be really effective for some businesses to use online. He’ll also talk about the place social media takes within the online marketing of a business and how it fits into the bigger picture of their online presence.

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SEO Your Home Page with David Rosam

Talk Archive: Tuesday 24th September 2013

Talk Description

Is your business website being ignored by Google? Does the idea of ‘Search Engine Optimisation’ baffle you or fill you with dread? Come and get some straightforward help from David Rosam, who’ll teach you enough to get up and running with practical advice on what to do to make the home page of your website interesting to Google and other search engines.

Find out how answer these simple questions and you’ll quickly see better performance on Google:

  • Are you using h1 and h2 header tags correctly?
  • Are you using key phrases in the right place?
  • What should you put in your Title Tag?
  • Are Descriptions important?
  • Do you have enough of the right kind of content?
  • Have you got at least one link from another site to your home page?

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