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Beyond the Bar Chart: Creative Data Visualisation with Peter Cook

Talk archive: Tuesday 13th May

Talk Description

Data has been represented visually for centuries but recent developments in web browser technology has let to a flourishing of sharing and creativity within the data visualisation community. Peter will be showing how visualisation can not only make data beautiful, but that it can provide valuable insights into data sets. He will show a number of examples of web-based data visualisation and talk about the tools used to create them.
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Members: Mark Ford

Mark FordMark is a freelance front end web developer with over 12 years experience building sites for a wide range of clients, from large insurance firms & retailers to small brochure sites including Tesco, HSBC, Virgin Atlantic & Virgin Holidays, Kwik-Fit Insurance and MoreTh>n.

(X)HTML, HTML5, CSS, Semantic markup, Javascript (jQuery), Agile development, Usability, Accessibility, DDA compliance, Cross Browser comparability, Responsive design

A Worthing resident for over 25 years, Mark thinks the town is underrated, and often overshadowed by its neighbour Brighton. By running WorthingDigital Mark hopes to raise the profile of the digital community in Worthing.

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Members: John Dalziel

John DalzielJohn Dalziel is an experienced Creative Developer and the founder of Phi Digital. He works with clients and talented individuals around the world to make games, applications, data visualisations and websites.

John came to the web from a background in the UK games industry and demoscene. As senior developer at Pogo Technology he pioneered UI on mobile devices and became an early evangelist for ‘Rich Internet Applications’. He served eight years in London ad agencies including a stretch as Creative Technologist for Beattie McGuinness Bungay. John is a specialist in the history and mechanics of measuring time and is a charter member of the Long Now Foundation. His work for The Retroscope was shown at TED Global 2010.

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