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Can software save the planet? with James Smith

Talk Archive: 28th February 2013

Talk Description

As a civilisation, we have some big global problems. So big, that they can seem impossible to do anything about.

However, we also have a revolutionary tool at our disposal; the web. We’ll show you how organisations are using the web to make a real impact on sustainability, how we can reduce the impact of the web itself, and how you can get involved in a growing movement trying to build a better future.

Innovators love challenges, and this is the biggest we have. Why settle for less when you could change the world?

James Smith is the lead organiser for Cleanweb UK. He’s been a software developer for 15 years, and has been building cleanweb-style projects since 2007, starting with The Carbon Dietand Green Thing. He worked as a lead developer and platform evangelist at AMEE, along the way building the world’s first natural language carbon calculator, AskAMEE. He is currently working as a developer at the Open Data Institute. You can follow him on Twitter at @floppy, or find his personal blog at http://www.floppy.org.uk

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