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Finding new business using LinkedIn with Joanne Munro

Talk Archive: 19th November 2013

Talk Description

Are you a freelancer, consultant or small business and want to find more clients? On Tuesday 19th November, Joanne Munro will be explaining how to use LinkedIn to achieve just that.  Her talk will cover:

  • Using the platform to prospect for potential clients
  • How to stealth-research their needs to see how you would be a good fit
  • How to make contact and approach them for work

Joanne has an incredible track record of landing new clients using her tried and tested technique. She says she doesn’t need to use any other methods as this brings in new clients every single time so  her talk is a must if you’re a freelancer or small business regularly searching for new clients.
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Being a Successful Freelancer with Paul Silver

Talk Archive: 29th November 2012

Talk Description

Interested in going freelance and getting a little more freedom and flexibility in your work life? Already a freelancer but not finding it easy to get work or lacking motivation? Come along and pepper Paul with questions and find out the secrets to freelancing success.

Format for the evening:

Paul will talk a little about how he started as a freelancer and the different ways he’s found clients. The majority of the evening will be a question and answer session, so bring your questions! If you have something to contribute to the answers, please do, this is all about helping each other get better at finding work and the sort of clients you’re happy to help.

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