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Members: James Bradshaw

James BradshawI have been developing web applications using Microsoft technologies since 1999. Working for a range of companies from small businesses needing simple functionality up to blue chip organisations working on enterprise level applications.

The business sectors I have worked within include travel, property, retail, finance, health and charities, which has given me the experience to work on web sites, intranets, back office applications, business to business integration, database design, database migration, and integration into legacy systems.

I can also provide skills at a project level with technical analysis and advice, requirements gathering, training and support.

C#, VB.NET, ASP.NET, SQL Server, Web Services, ASP, VBScript, JQuery, AJAX, CSS, XHTML

Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist: Web Developer

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Grey Metis Ltd
Tel: 0330 119 0808
Skype: jamesatgreymetis

Members: Paul Ledger

Paul LedgerI am a freelance mobile application developer. I’ve been developing apps since the Apple AppStore opened and currently have 15+ apps that I’ve either written for my own company or for clients that can be downloaded from the store.

I’ve recently branched out into Android development, converting one of the existing apps I’d written for a client.

The apps I write are all native, either Objective-C (iOS) or Java (Android), I try to avoid tools such as PhoneGap or Titanium as they tend to dumb down the experience the user gets from the device.

I’m also an experienced Web developer, with over 10 years creating both server and client side solutions utilising Microsoft technologies, such as .Net Framework, ASP.NET, C# and SQL Server

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