Finding new business using LinkedIn with Joanne Munro

Talk Archive: 19th November 2013

Talk Description

Are you a freelancer, consultant or small business and want to find more clients? On Tuesday 19th November, Joanne Munro will be explaining how to use LinkedIn to achieve just that.  Her talk will cover:

  • Using the platform to prospect for potential clients
  • How to stealth-research their needs to see how you would be a good fit
  • How to make contact and approach them for work

Joanne has an incredible track record of landing new clients using her tried and tested technique. She says she doesn’t need to use any other methods as this brings in new clients every single time so  her talk is a must if you’re a freelancer or small business regularly searching for new clients.
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Fast, Slim, Correct with John Dalziel

Talk Archive: Thursday 7th November

Talk Description

Discover the incredible story of how the “glue of the internet” became the worlds most popular programming language. Learn how it broke out of the browser and now appears in the unlikeliest of places. In a talk packed with surprising examples, we’ll trace the history and evolution of this versatile technology.This talk is not about programming, it’s a series of examples of a technology that was made for one thing and has spread further and further, until it’s embedded in the world all around us. You’ll be amazed where it has ended up.

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Get yourself Connected: Google Glasses and the ‘Internet of Bling’ with Bill Harpley

Talk Archive: 22nd October 2013

Talk Description

Bill Harpley joins us for a look at the current state and future of ‘personal wireless body area networks’, how technology like Google Glass and simpler devices like the Fitbit are influencing our lives, the dawn of the ‘Internet of Bling’ and what technology may be coming in the near future due to advances in materials and pharmaceutical science.

As well as the upside of the potential shiny gadgets that will soon be trying to enhance our lives, Bill will be talking about the security and privacy issues they may cause and what we will need to consider to ensure future developments help rather than hinder their users.

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Effective Social Media Use with Stuart Marler

Talk Archive: Tuesday 8th October 2013

Talk Description

Social media – Facebook, Twitter Google+ etc. – has gone from a tool hardly anyone considered using to something every business owner must think about. Stuart Marler from Retriever Web Solutions is joining us to explain how companies should consider using social media for their business.

Stuart will cover the important aspects to keep in mind when using social media, and some of the specialised uses for it that can be really effective for some businesses to use online. He’ll also talk about the place social media takes within the online marketing of a business and how it fits into the bigger picture of their online presence.

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