WorthingDigital Talks: Digital for Social Good

Digital technologies are transformative but not always for the better. In our May event we explore two projects that show how communities can make use of technology to affect positive social change in the world.

Our speakers for the evening are:

– Cassie Evans of codebar Brighton
– Kingsley Davis of Good Tech Conference

1) Kingsley Davis will be speaking about the Good Tech Conference – a not-for-profit two day event in Brighton about the ethical use of technology. Attendees to the second day of the conference will work with experienced mentors to create an application for a social enterprise.

2) Cassie Evans is a creative developer and a core organiser of codebar Brighton – a non-profit initiative that facilitates the growth of a diverse tech community by running regular programming workshops. Cassie will be speaking about how codebar came about and how it helps enable underrepresented people to learn programming in a safe and collaborative environment.

WorthingDigital talks: “Minimum Viable Products” & “Behavioural Insights”

2 talks and a chance to socialise.

“Look EAST – A Behavioural Insights framework for improved customer experience”
David Somerville, Strategy Director at Fresh Egg

In this presentation David will introduce you to the area of behavioural insights, explain what the EAST model is and then go on to show how it can be applied to customer experience challenges for brands or organisation, to enhance and improve the customer journey.

“MVPs – exploring the most misunderstood acronym in the digital sector”
Jayde Adams – UX Designer jayde-adams.co.uk

Jayde will tell us about what happens when MVPs (Minimum Viable Products) aren’t executed properly, and how they are actually an underused and powerful method.