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SMEs: embracing affordable marketing & PR with Rachael Dines

Talk Archive: Tuesday 27th May 2014

About the speaker

Rachael is a freelance marketing consultant with twelve years of marketing experience covering the B2B, B2C and Charity sectors across several different industries. As a PR and marketing professional, she mainly works for SMEs in the UK, but has also had some international clients.  Rachael has trained with the Kellogg Management School in Chicago and holds the Chartered Institute of Marketing Professional Diploma and Chartered Marketer status.  She is also an approved advisor on the Government’s Growth Voucher scheme that subsidises strategic business advice.

Talk Description

* Branding basics
* Website-first marketing strategy
* Forgotten internal marketing
* Getting started with PR
* The time vs money vs skills dilemma”



Thanks to Will from Clik-Video for recording the talk, Paul Silver for editing, and Worthing Action for lending us their projector.

Time & Venue

8pm – 10pm on Tuesday 27th May 2014

Worthing Coworking
8 High Street
West Sussex
BN11 1NU

Beyond the Bar Chart: Creative Data Visualisation with Peter Cook

Talk archive: Tuesday 13th May

Talk Description

Data has been represented visually for centuries but recent developments in web browser technology has let to a flourishing of sharing and creativity within the data visualisation community. Peter will be showing how visualisation can not only make data beautiful, but that it can provide valuable insights into data sets. He will show a number of examples of web-based data visualisation and talk about the tools used to create them.
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Forensics & Digital Data with Stuart Hutchinson

Talk Archive: Tuesday 29th April

Talk Description

Digital forensics is based on the simple assumption that data does not lie. Whether it is civil or criminal in nature nowadays investigations face an ever-increasing amount of digital evidence that must be efficiently and effectively collected, preserved, and analysed to uncover the truth.

We will discuss what is and isn’t possible in terms of data recovery and forensic analysis, drawing on real life case studies we will examine how digital forensics has assisted in the successful prosecution in relation to number of significant counter terrorism investigations.

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Finding new business using LinkedIn with Joanne Munro

Talk Archive: 19th November 2013

Talk Description

Are you a freelancer, consultant or small business and want to find more clients? On Tuesday 19th November, Joanne Munro will be explaining how to use LinkedIn to achieve just that.  Her talk will cover:

  • Using the platform to prospect for potential clients
  • How to stealth-research their needs to see how you would be a good fit
  • How to make contact and approach them for work

Joanne has an incredible track record of landing new clients using her tried and tested technique. She says she doesn’t need to use any other methods as this brings in new clients every single time so  her talk is a must if you’re a freelancer or small business regularly searching for new clients.
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Fast, Slim, Correct with John Dalziel

Talk Archive: Thursday 7th November

Talk Description

Discover the incredible story of how the “glue of the internet” became the worlds most popular programming language. Learn how it broke out of the browser and now appears in the unlikeliest of places. In a talk packed with surprising examples, we’ll trace the history and evolution of this versatile technology.This talk is not about programming, it’s a series of examples of a technology that was made for one thing and has spread further and further, until it’s embedded in the world all around us. You’ll be amazed where it has ended up.

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