Beyond the Bar Chart: Creative Data Visualisation with Peter Cook

Talk archive: Tuesday 13th May

Talk Description

Data has been represented visually for centuries but recent developments in web browser technology has let to a flourishing of sharing and creativity within the data visualisation community. Peter will be showing how visualisation can not only make data beautiful, but that it can provide valuable insights into data sets. He will show a number of examples of web-based data visualisation and talk about the tools used to create them.

About the speaker

Peter Cook’s interest in data visualisation probably started at school when he drew his first bar chart. Through his engineering degree he always enjoyed explaining difficult concepts using visuals and he now designs and develops data visualisations for a living through his company Animated Data (


Sorry that the video isn’t very good quality, the small camera we were using really couldn’t cope with the low light conditions needed for seeing the slides. Please try and look past that and listen to the talk, as Peter gave us plenty of great information and advice in it.


Slides for Beyond the Bar Chart – use your arrow keys to navigate around, it’s left and right to go between sections, then once you’re in a section, down and up to go through each part of it.


“@WorthingDigital Thanks to you guys for hosting last night’s splendid DataViz talk by Peter Cook @animateddata”
Bill Harpley @billharpley


Thanks very much to Worthing Volunteer Services for lending us their projector, to David and Paul for organising the event, and to Peter for giving the talk.

Time & Venue

8pm – 10pm on Tuesday 13th May 2014

Worthing Coworking
8 High Street
West Sussex
BN11 1NU


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  1. helen goss

    thank you for filming and publishing this, just to let you know, I will be watching this soon, your efforts are much appreciated.
    Very grateful, h


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