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Mark FordMark is a freelance front end web developer with over 12 years experience building sites for a wide range of clients, from large insurance firms & retailers to small brochure sites including Tesco, HSBC, Virgin Atlantic & Virgin Holidays, Kwik-Fit Insurance and MoreTh>n.

(X)HTML, HTML5, CSS, Semantic markup, Javascript (jQuery), Agile development, Usability, Accessibility, DDA compliance, Cross Browser comparability, Responsive design

A Worthing resident for over 25 years, Mark thinks the town is underrated, and often overshadowed by its neighbour Brighton. By running WorthingDigital Mark hopes to raise the profile of the digital community in Worthing.

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One thought on “Members: Mark Ford

  1. Alan May

    Hello mark
    Bit of long shot but we are a Horsham based company providing training & consultancy services. We are looking to
    1. boost our in-house development team with a good full stack developer (C#) but primarily front-end work
    2. ideally, but not necessarily, can also build and deliver training based on Enterprise Java + NOSQL to our corporate clients

    We are absolutely not a recruitment company and are trying to keep away from them. If there is anyone you know that may be up for a nice challenge I would appreciate being contacted.

    We like to employee local people; I live in Broadwater.


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