Get yourself Connected: Google Glasses and the ‘Internet of Bling’ with Bill Harpley

Talk Archive: 22nd October 2013

Talk Description

Bill Harpley joins us for a look at the current state and future of ‘personal wireless body area networks’, how technology like Google Glass and simpler devices like the Fitbit are influencing our lives, the dawn of the ‘Internet of Bling’ and what technology may be coming in the near future due to advances in materials and pharmaceutical science.

As well as the upside of the potential shiny gadgets that will soon be trying to enhance our lives, Bill will be talking about the security and privacy issues they may cause and what we will need to consider to ensure future developments help rather than hinder their users.

This will be a fascinating talk about cutting edge technology that is starting to affect us all, we hope you’ll join us on the 22nd October to hear it.

Bill Harpley is a freelance Information Systems consultant who writes about ubiquitous computing at


We’d like to say a big thank you to Hazlitt Eastman and Nathan Pope, who have both leant us cameras for filming the talks after we had trouble with our own kit during Stuart’s talk.


When it happened

Tuesday 22nd October 2013


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