Effective Social Media Use with Stuart Marler

Talk Archive: Tuesday 8th October 2013

Talk Description

Social media – Facebook, Twitter Google+ etc. – has gone from a tool hardly anyone considered using to something every business owner must think about. Stuart Marler from Retriever Web Solutions is joining us to explain how companies should consider using social media for their business.

Stuart will cover the important aspects to keep in mind when using social media, and some of the specialised uses for it that can be really effective for some businesses to use online. He’ll also talk about the place social media takes within the online marketing of a business¬†and how it fits into the bigger picture of their online presence.

About the speaker

Stuart Marler has seven years experience in Digital Marketing and started Retriever Web Solutions 18 months ago. It now has seven full time staff and a new company starting in London shortly. Come and learn from his hard-earned experience!


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