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Talk Archive: 29th March 2012

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From print to tablet; Design challenges and lessons learned

User Experience expert Dr Harry Brignull helped take The Week Magazine’s reading experience from print to tablet and will speak to us about the design challenges and lessons learned.

Intended audience: anyone who is interested in UX and issues around designing tablet reading experiences.

We’re expecting this to be a very popular session, so we’re limiting the numbers this month. We are still working out the logistics, but we will be asking attendees to register. Keep an eye on this page, follow us on twitter or join our mailing list to be notified when registration opens

Here’s a flavour of what to expect from Harry’s talk:
The Week is the UK’s most popular weekly subscription magazine, with over 180,000 subscribers. It was started back in the mid ‘90s as an antidote to the feeling of “too much information” that readers got from all the unwieldy, dense broadsheets on the market at the time. Since then, the World Wide Web appeared, sending many print publications into a downward spiral. The Week is one of the few publications to buck this trend – actually growing in popularity every consecutive year since its launch.

Dennis Publishing knew they had a winning formula for The Week magazine, and they wanted to be certain that none of the magic was lost in translation when they created the iPad edition. This is where we came in – kicking off a project with numerous UX research and design iterations. This talk will give you some insights into the challenges we faced and the lessons we learned in the process.


Harry’s transcript of his talk

An excellent write up by Clive Walker

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