Kroc Camen – “Code is Art”

Talk Archive: 23rd February 2012

Talk Description

“Code is art; my philosophy and the things I’ve made with it”. The talk will be informal, non-technical and accessible to those who don’t code for a living. We’ll follow that up with some lively discussion & probably adjourn to the pub.



Write up

This was the first official meeting of WorthingDigital. Mark started by welcoming everyone along and updating the group on a few things that were discussed last month. We have now completed rebranding the group, with the website and twitter account now being WorthingDigital. The Website now has a Members section. Regular attendees will be offered a profile on the site. We also have the Past events section where we’ll write up our events and post any slides & videos of the talk.

At the last WorthingThing in January there was quite a lot of discussion about setting up a co-working space in Worthing. Fresh Egg are still thinking about ways that they could assist with this, but it’s unlikely that anything will happen in the next few months. Members are still keen to see development in this area, so hopefully we’ll see a co-working venue in the town in the not too distant future.

We are very grateful to Fresh Egg for providing us with a venue & some free beers! Ollie from Fresh Egg generously gave up his evening to record the talk, you can see the video below.

Code is Art

Kroc Camen of Camen Design presented a talk on his coding philosophy “Code is Art”. He talked us through his design principles and some of the things he’s built using those principles including Video for Everybody! and the No Nonsense Forum.

The slides from Kroc’s talk are available at the end of this page, the video will be on line as soon as possible

Upcoming events

Next month Dr Harry Brignull will be joining us to tell us about taking The Week Magazine’s reading experience from print to tablet and will speak to us about the design challenges and lessons learned. We’re expecting a lot of interest in this talk, so it’s essential that you Register Here if you want to attend.

We’re still looking for speakers for April onwards. If you have a subject you think our members would like to hear about (it doesn’t have to be digital) please get in touch. Also, if there are any speakers that you would like to see present let us know.

Write up by Mark Ford

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